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Sunday, December 25th, 2005
10:34 pm
Bear Chef
One of the characters in ursulav's gearworld is a grizzly bear named Heinrich. Heinrich likes to cook. The idea of a grizzly in a chef's hat brandishing an oven mit was too good to pass up.

9:57 pm

*Little-known fact: gildedblade and I are the same person.
9:25 pm
The Lowdown
Right, kids, here's how this works. I trawl random LiveJournals reading comments and such. If someone says something amusing, I put my friends Google Image Search and the GIMP to work and composite a picture from the quote, which I post in this community.

"And what," you may well be asking, "is my role in this tomfoolery?" Simple, my friend. Join the community. Comment on the pictures. Point me in the direction of more humorous things to illustrate. Adopt a pet. Wear sunscreen. You know the drill.

Questions, comments, and/or embarrassing stories from your childhood may be posted as comments or directed toward mynameis_jinx, your patient and loving moderator.
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